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Late 2008 LEGO set photos leaked [News]

We are seeing preliminary pictures of late 2008 LEGO sets. I’m fascinated with the LEGO Agents theme, that one took me by surprise. It’ll be fun to see what new minifigs and parts are introduced.

UPDATE: For official photos of late 2008 LEGO sets, check out our more recent coverage of Toy Fair New York 2008.

His skin was pale and his eye was odd.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is director Tim Burton’s latest collaboration with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. ‘s vignette uses a partial basement to evoke a very “Burtonesque” atmosphere for his vignette version of a scene from the film.

盛通彩票登陆Martin Luther gets contentious

commemorates the moment when Martin Luther nailed his to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany。 I love the cobblestones and the arches over the door。

Steven delivers

Here comes the from . As with his realistic models, you can’t tell they’re lego from a distance. Amazing build!

盛通彩票登陆Winter Castle

Tania () created a very appealing castle that’s different from many others that are sprawling up for the big contest。 Everything is unique from the winter theme to the mosaic pattern of the tower walls and jagged snowscape。 Enjoy 。

The King’s Cloud by Mark Stafford

The CCCV entries just keep pouring in。 ‘s entry is a fantastical flying ship in golds and blues。 There are so many Bionicle parts in this creation that I think it deserves to be in the “Bionicle” category。 ;-)

Ða com of more under misthleoþum / Grendel gongan, godes yrre bær.

It’s been a while since we’ve featured any creations by , so it’s nice to see a whole bunch of updates to his Brickshelf gallery.

My favorite is a rather grisly scene from Beowulf盛通彩票登陆, accompanied by the quote “Then came Grendel… He bore God’s wrath” (that’s the original Old English in the post title). I’ve never seen minifigs dispatched in quite this many different ways…

Fireboy gets an upgraded ride

Although I’d bookmarked his character Fireboy’s to blog later, was unsatisfied with it. I’ll definitely agree that the new ship is indeed much improved. I love the angled flames and the awning over the cockpit.

Ful redy hadde he hise apothecaries / To sende him drogges and his letuaries.

‘ final entry for this year’s (CCCV) is a medieval purveyor of poultices and unguents. With lots of action going on outside and a full interior, there are plenty of details to find in the pictures in Aaron’s on Brickshelf.

(The post title is a quote from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, describing the relationship between the Physician and the men who supplied him with pharmaceuticals.)

The everyday world of Arvo

The last few LEGO creations by the may have skewed toward the fantastic, but that doesn’t mean these two guys aren’t also masters of the .

Here’s their latest — a wonderful snorkeling mask:

You can discuss this creation in on Hispalug。 (Thanks for the link, Carlos!)

And since we haven’t featured them here before, a few more day-to-day items:

Pictures of late 2008 LEGO Star Wars sets leaked [LEGO]

Many Bothans died to bring you this, well not really. Here are preliminary pictures of the late 2008 Star Wars sets brought to you by . It looks like Episode 2 clone troopers are making a return!

UPDATE: For photos of late 2008 LEGO Star Wars sets, check out our more recent coverage of Toy Fair New York 2008.

The further adventures of Mike Crowley’s Snowblower Man

盛通彩票登陆‘s latest installments in his ongoing series of vignettes introduce a new character — Snowblower Man’s girlfriend.

Naturally, our hero got his girl her own snowblower. Here they are — matching his and hers snowblowers: