is no stranger to The Brothers Brick and their latest creation definitely deserves a mention. If this were a modular I’d buy it in a heartbeat. There are quite a few features that set this creation apart so let’s dive into it!

The roof design on both of the buildings is amazing。 For the taller building, 1×1 round bricks are used to represent roof shingles while on the shorter building were used。 The window treatments are different but equally stunning with the white building utilizing to adorn the windows and on the tan buildings we have arches combined with 。 Tying it all together, both buildings use the and have been used to add texture to the walls。 There are also a lot of and tiles used to represent broken pavement。 Last but not least, I love a building with plants trailing the facade, in real life and in LEGO life。 And this one looks lush with all those plant parts added to it。