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Mix that funky music

I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about music, but I’m sure many are familiar with what an audio mixer looks like – lots of switches and lights, the functions of with I’m personally not familiar with at all. However, as a person who gravitates towards gadgets, these switchboards certainly do look cool to me, or maybe LEGO model of one makes them look cooler than they are.

The switchboard body uses some standard bricks, tiles, and slopes in black assembled via the SNOT (studs not on top) technique。 This build is part of an Iron Builder challenge, the seed part is the with bar in dark red, but there are many other interesting small elements utilized here such as the broad-brimmed castle which serve as dials and the technic in yellow。 Of course, I am a fan of trans-clear elements, and Snyder has thrown in a few of those like the minifigure heads at the far left and some light pieces that look exactly like LED lights。 Snyder’s model certainly makes me want to learn more about these cool pieces of tech and how exactly they work。

LEGO officially launches LEGO Glasses™ [April Fools]

After a long period in beta test, LEGO today finally announced its new “wearable assistive brick-sorting technology”, better known as ™. We were always intrigued by the idea, so we decided to get our hands on a set and thoroughly review them: